Psychosocial recovery coaching in Ipswich, Brisbane

This role although similar to a NDIS support coordinator, is unique and has specifically been created for NDIS participants who have psychosocial disabilities. Our qualified, innovative, collaborative and respectful recovery coaches provide support for those who managing complex challenges of daily living. Recovery Coaches focus on coaching NDIS participants to have a greater participation in managing their lives and collaborate with other services to support and strengthen their abilities and manage the complex challenges of day to day living.

A key element of psychosocial recovery coaching is building trust, allowing a shared understanding of the participant’s goals, strengths and any possible barriers. A good psychosocial recovery coach understands the power of recovery orientated practice and mentorship. Our Psychosocial Recovery Coaches have specialist knowledge and skill in non-clinical mental health supports, recovery orientated practice and service navigation within the mental health system.

Psychosocial recovery coaching  in Ipswich, Brisbane